Exercise on English Academic Vocabulary

Advanced Vocabulary Test 207 / out of 250 Exercises (2500 English Academic Words)

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
reckless      faint      slot    commemorate    sealed      utter     soak      margin      motion     villages     
  1. Diego put a coin in the , and began dialing his girlfriend's number.
  2. He was an failure as a used car salesman because he was not aggressive enough.
  3. I wouldn't get in a car with that guy; he's such a driver.
  4. Many people are leaving the in the hopes of finding jobs in the big cities.
  5. Police have completely off the building where two terrorists are believed to have been discovered planting a bomb.
  6. The of a moving car always makes me fall asleep when I'm sitting in the back.
  7. The government has announced a new holiday to the birth of the nation's founder.
  8. The students voted by a large to do an essay as homework rather than have a writing exam.
  9. Vanna felt after standing out in the hot sun all day.
  10. You need to the dried mushrooms in water for a while before you can use them.

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