Exercise on English Academic Vocabulary

Advanced Vocabulary Test 202 / out of 250 Exercises (2500 English Academic Words)

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
zone      parallel      magnitude      disabled      rag      perceive      lesbian    leapt    assassinate      convicted     
  1. Diane has been in a relationship with her partner for three years.
  2. He was of the murder of his business partner, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  3. I wiped the grease off my bicycle with an old I found in the basement.
  4. Many of the buses in town now have special features to make them accessible to passengers.
  5. Police fear that terrorists may try to the President during his appearance at the summit.
  6. The of the damage is unknown at this time, but experts fear it may cost in the millions of pounds.
  7. The frog from the little boy's hand into the pond.
  8. The street that I live on runs to Admirals Road.
  9. Unfortunately, many second language students seem to language learning as something that can be achieved in a few months, whereas in reality, it is a life-long process.
  10. You must slow down to about 30 kilometers an hour when driving through a school between dawn and dusk.

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