Exercise on English Academic Vocabulary

Advanced Vocabulary Test 159 / out of 250 Exercises (2500 English Academic Words)

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   wise      expenses      computed      stitches      modern      bloom      split      absorb    click    tossing   
  1. Children are like little sponges that seem to be able to languages very quickly.
  2. He is a old man who has learned from the many experiences he has had in life.
  3. I love it in spring when all the flowers begin to .
  4. Katrina soon tired of classical ballet, and decided to try a dance course at the academy.
  5. Paco was the ball in the air for his dog to catch in its mouth.
  6. Tarek had to get four in his forehead after falling off his bicycle.
  7. The door closed with a .
  8. The results of the poll have now been , and will be distributed to the news media this afternoon.
  9. This pizza is way too big for one person. Do you want to it with me?
  10. Whenever we go skiing, we try to go in a group, so we can share such as transportation, accommodation and food.

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