Exercise on English Academic Vocabulary

Advanced Vocabulary Test 136 / out of 250 Exercises (2500 English Academic Words)

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   optimistic      float      scandal      leak      gained      summoned      defaulting      machine    devised    objective   
  1. British author H. G. Wells wrote a story about a man who invented a which allowed him to travel in time.
  2. He has an interview for a job this afternoon, and is quite about his chances.
  3. I felt a little nervous when my boss me to his office.
  4. I've a lot of weight over the last year because I haven't been doing much exercise.
  5. Our first has to be to make our product known to the public.
  6. Soon after the boat sprang a , it sank to the bottom of the lake.
  7. The criminals a plan to get into the bank at night disguised as janitors.
  8. The Prime Minister had to resign after a was revealed in which he had hired the services of a prostitute.
  9. They lost their house after on their mortgage.
  10. When I was a little boy, I used to enjoy spending time at the park watching sticks down the stream, and chasing after them.

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