Exercise on English Academic Vocabulary

Advanced Vocabulary Test 125 / out of 250 Exercises (2500 English Academic Words)

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   vomit      figured      declared      resigned      redundant      sarcastic      leased      queries    bracing    proposition   
  1. Before going to the second part of our lecture, are there any regarding the material that we've just covered?
  2. He got seasick, and began to after half an hour on the boat.
  3. I don't really like talking to him. He's always so .
  4. It's a little to say a "tiny, little" dog.
  5. Our to merge with our nearest competitor has been accepted.
  6. Some people think President Bill Clinton should have because of his sex scandal.
  7. The coast of Florida is itself in expectation of a hurricane which is supposed to hit by the weekend.
  8. The President has a war on drugs in the U.S.
  9. They didn't want to buy a new car, so they one for a year.
  10. When he was absent from work, I just he was sick, but I heard today that he quit.

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